What size truck should I use?

What size truck should I use?

Wondering what size truck you should use? Let's explain it very easily for you.

Take your pallet Dimensions, and check how many you could fit side by side, using the width dimensions below.

Then, check the length, and calculate how many could go side by side to fit the entire length of the truck.

Last, calculate the height of the pallet, and make sure it can safely fit into the unit. And don't forget the "Door Dims" The pallet must fit through the door of the truck, even though the inside dims of the truck may be higher.

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Let's break it all down below:



106"-186" Length

48"-55" Width

57"-72" High

Weight Capacity:

3,500lbs -4,000 Max




150"-204" Length

80"-90" Width

72"-90" Height

Weight Capacity:

5,000lbs Max




22’ - 28 ‘ Length

94"-100" Width

94"-100" Height

Weight Capacity:

5,000lbs - 10,000lbs - Common

11,000lbs = Less Common



53ft DRY VAN:

53ft Length

100-103" Wide

104-108'' High

40,000lbs - 45,000lbs